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“ A word doesn’t
become a World until
you add an EL (god).
— James Evans
Bomaer ”

Many of the creation
stories teach that the
World was created through
a word or sound. The New
Testament says “In the
beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God”. In
the cosmology of the Hopi,
the sun god and earth
goddess chant life into
being. The Hindu scriptures
teach us that AUM is the
sacred syllable from which
the entire universe was
created. In fact the word
uni-verse means one
To shamans the ability to
name things gifts them with
a Godly power, the power
to invoke supernatural
beings. Once named a thing
is rejoined to its essence,
to its primal state. In naming
things the shaman learns
from them and absorbs
their essence, their word,
their power.

“ Words are
formidably powerful and
important, they are the
magical property of
those who posses
them. — Carlos
Castaneda ”

Words hold a tremendous
amount of power. They
affect our relationships with
others as well as what we
end up creating in the
World, and they are
powerful tools for
transforming the energy we
project. Words are like
ripples of intent and many
ancient cultures intuitively
know this. The
people have a saying, “may
you walk in beauty”,
essentially it means don’t
say anything to another
person unless it will create
beauty in their life.

“ Speech is the art
and source of life but
also a science
containing all the
secrets and mysteries
of the human condition.
— Pierre
Bonnasse ”

According to the Fula
people of the Sahara, God
has created nothing
greater and more operative
than the word. The word
takes part in creating the
things we claim to describe.
Syria, magical formulas
allow the overcoming of
demons by means of their
names. In ancient Egypt,
words were considered to
have so much power that
often a metaphor was used
in the place of the actual
word. It was thought that in
the wrong hands the
energy of a potentially
destructive word would
manifest physically.
Likewise the
tetragrammaton is used to
represent the Hebrew name
of God because the true
name is considered sacred.
Language is an emanation
of God.
Christ = Logos = The Word
= Language

“ For the word is
The Word and The
Word is God. — Victor
Hugo ”

Written letters were
symbols of the Logos
power, that is, the power to
create the world by means
of words. That is why the
fifty letters of the Sanskrit
alphabet appeared on the
necklace of skulls worn by
Kali Ma, perhaps the oldest
Goddess of Creation.
The idea that words hold a
“magical” power is
contained within the
incantation “abra cadabra”
which comes from the
aramaic phrase “avra
kedabra” which literally
means “I will create as I
Certain languages seem to
be endowed with an
acoustic creative ability
that other languages don’t
have. Hebrew and Sanskrit
for instance are considered
“Holy Languages” and have
been shown to create
sacred geometrical shapes
when spoken into a certain
type of medium.
Interestingly, the original
language systems didn’t
have vowels. Hebrew is
called a consonantal
language, meaning that it is
made of consonants and
not vowels. The true QBLH
is a spoken tradition and
that is because the sounds
and vibrations of the
vowels hold the real power,
the consonants are like
filters which define the
parameters of the power
coming through. By not
writing out the vowels, the
language keeps most of the
powerful words secret.

“ The Lord said
look the people are
united, and they all
have one language,
come on let us go down
and therefore confound
their language so they
cannot understand
each other’s speech. —
Genesis 11:6 –
11:7 ”

The biblical story of the
Tower of Babel (ON) tells
how man was cut off from
the universal language.
According to the works of
the English scholar
L.Austine Waddell all
language began in ancient